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Oasis Tea Company originally started in the home of Tara Husband in 2006. She decided to develop a tea product called Oasis Prolactation Tea, along with an herbal powder “booster” to augment the production of breast milk in women suffering from low milk supply. As a mother struggling with low milk supply, she also grew an online community of breast feeding moms for the purpose of increasing awareness of breast feeding and a support group for those having difficulty achieving adequate milk supplies. The cause was near and dear to her heart, and she soon discovered that there were many others with the same concerns. She named the tea after her daughter, Oasis.

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Looking for a natural, safe, and proven solution to low milk supply she turned to herbal medicinals. Specifically, the well known galactagogue fenugreek would prove to be the essential herbal ingredient. By formulating a chamomile, blessed thistle and alfalfa tea blend as the base drink, along with a powdered fenugreek and fennel seed additive (“power booster”), one could titrate the fenugreek up or down as needed based on the mother’s and/or baby’s needs. The results were impressive, as were the sales. Thus, Oasis Tea Co. was born.

In 2012, Oasis Tea Company was acquired by an Osteopathic Family Physician in Nevada. Having witnessed several of his patients struggling with breastfeeding despite lactation consultations, and the plethora of advice givers out there, it was clear that these moms wanted a solution that was safe for mom and the baby, preferably organic/natural, and effective.

The future for Oasis Tea Company lies in the vision of providing medicinal tea products similar to “Oasis Prolactation Tea”, but designed specifically for difficult to treat conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Insomnia, Menopause, Fibromyalgia, and more. Where it might seem that your search for a solution for some of these medical conditions has come up “dry”, we sincerely hope that you find the “oasis” in our teas.

Oasis Tea Company is family owned and operated in Northern Nevada near Lake Tahoe. We strive to source only the finest natural ingredients for our teas. If you are not completely satisfied, then please contact us as we will make every effort to ensure your experience is unmatched.

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