The herbs in the Power Booster are used as flavorings in many foods including maple flavoring and Italian sausage. They are used because of their pungent and aromatic qualities. But they are strong tasting and generally need to be used in specific ways to turn them into something that you will enjoy. There are a number of things to try listed below, but you may have your own ideas, so feel free to use them however you like.


Try these methods:



Put a days supply of Power Booster powder with correct measurement of a days supply of Prolactation Tea in a coffee filter. Tie it at the top and boil it in a pint of water for about 10 minutes. Use this liquid hot or cold in other beverages. You can add some flavored herbal tea during the boiling for flavoring (I enjoy decaffeinated vanilla tea).  OR add a little honey or ginger if you like.



Cup of Ice

Add  1/3 of the Low Milk Supply Tincture

Fill cup to top with ginger ale and lemonade



1 Cup of Ice

1 Cup Soy Milk (or regular milk)

1/3 of  Low Milk Supply Tincture

1 Banana

Blend until smooth


Sprinkle the Power Booster in a little in applesauce or yogurt. Don’t start with too much at first. You can also make the liquid as described above and add this to the foods rather than the dry herb itself.  Don’t forget to drink the Prolactation tea on the side.  You can boil both the teas separately and use them in different recipes.


Many people love the tea by just adding cream and sugar.



Just try and keep in mind that the tea is meant to be drank three times a day and has the correct measurement of herbs to increase breast milk according to leading doctors in the field.


If you discover other recipes that you enjoy or have any questions please email me at [email protected]!


Love and Laughs,

Jen and Chris

Oasis Tea Company

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